Meet Kevin Garcia!

Meet Kevin Garcia!

April 18, 2022

Seagraves Financial Group welcomed not one but two wonderful new colleagues to our team in March – Kevin Garcia and Kiara Aldana.  We hope you will get a chance to know each of them in your dealings with SFG.  We will introduce each of them in more detail, starting today with Kevin! 

Kevin joined our team as an Administrative Assistant from Concordia University, where he attained degrees in Sports Management and Leadership.  Kevin is also an assistant coach for the Concordia University (Cougars) baseball team.  This means he’s usually attending at least four baseball games each weekend at this time of the year!  Kevin also coaches on an inner-city all-star baseball team for players from high schools throughout varying Chicago neighborhoods. 

When he’s not working with SFG or coaching baseball, Kevin enjoys being a tourist in his hometown of Chicago, especially if it means visiting comedy clubs and spending time with girlfriend Erika, whom he’s known since childhood. 

Kevin is a very hard worker and has a warm and fun personality, and you can visit with him in English and Spanish.  We know you will enjoy getting to know him as much as we have.  Please enjoy a few more fun facts about Kevin:

  • Do you have any pets? A dog named Bella – a poodle/shih tzu mix
  • Any siblings? Five - two sisters and three brothers
  • Where did you travel on your most recent vacation? Tampa, Florida – a birthday trip with girlfriend Erika where Kevin was able to visit with many family members.
  • Dream vacation destination: Greece
  • Favorite color: Royal blue
  • Favorite TV show: The Office
  • Where did you grow up? Albany Park and Irving Park
  • Favorite dishes to eat: Mom’s Ecuadorian cooking, including encebollado (a seafood stew) and guatita (beef tripe stew with potatoes, cooked in peanut sauce)
  • Favorite cooking seasonings in your home: Adobo and sazon
  • Sports player doppelganger: Javier Baez (and the two have met)
  • Favorite baseball player: Fernando Tatis Jr., from the San Diego Padres
  • Favorite movie: Remember the Titans
  • Favorite genre of podcasts: Motivational and coaching