Meet Allison Spiaser-Pineda, our Practice Operations Manager

Meet Allison Spiaser-Pineda, our Practice Operations Manager

November 23, 2021

We want to offer you the opportunity to get better acquainted with our Practice Operations Manager, Allison Spiaser-Pineda. Many of you have told us how much you enjoy speaking with her, as well as how helpful and friendly she is.  Not only is Allison very good at handling all of your needs for service, she brings a positive spirit that she can accomplish whatever you are needing.  Allison loves learning about each of you, your families, your hobbies, and your lives.  She says that one of the things she enjoys most about the job is that it feels as if she gets to speak with her best friends every time you call.  She is a ray of sunshine in our office.

Allison joined our team in January 2015, about 7 months after her graduation from Concordia University Chicago in River Forest.  She had been working at Eataly, an Italian restaurant site and grocery destination in Chicago when we hired her.  Allison loves food and cooking and enjoys creating big Italian meals every Sunday.  Among the items you might find on her menu are chicken cacciatore, baked ziti and polenta.  She often brings the leftovers to work the next day, so we can assure you that she is an amazing cook!

Allison is usually the first person you speak with when you call our office.  She asks the reason for your call, so that you can be assured of connecting with the team member who can best assist you.  With our transition to LPL, Allison has helped many of you to have online access for your accounts.  She has also spoken with many of you to confirm that we have your financial information up to date.  Allison speaks Spanish and at least a bit of Italian, French and Greek, so you may want to try out your ability to speak one of these languages with her.

Allison married her husband Rolando Pineda on September 8 this year.  They found that planning a wedding during a pandemic provided some interesting challenges.  After considering all their options, they decided to elope.  In researching the states that have the least amount of time to wait to be married after applying for their wedding license, Maine became their first choice.  They chose to be married in Acadia National Park because of its amazing natural beauty.  As a bonus, they found the people in Maine to be friendly and helpful, and that confirmed their choice of wedding locale.

(Photos by James Flachsbart, Flax Studios)

Rolando had rescued Hazy, a Boston terrier, boxer and Staffordshire mix prior to their marriage, and the two of them were a package deal.    Allison says that Hazy is 45 pounds of energy and love! Walking Hazy and playing with her is a big part of their lives.

As you can imagine, we love working with Allison.  We hope this helps you to know her a little bit better, so that the next time you call, you will also feel as if you are speaking with your best friend!