Coach Kevin Garcia and His Cubs RBI Team

Coach Kevin Garcia and His Cubs RBI Team

July 25, 2022

In April, we introduced you to one of our new associates, Kevin Garcia. Besides his degrees in Sport Management and Leadership, he was working as an assistant coach for the Concordia University Chicago baseball team. Kevin also played for the Cougars for four years and was in the team when the Cougars made their first appearance in the Division 3 College World Series in 2017, followed by another College World Series appearance in 2018.

We recently learned that Kevin is the assistant coach for the 17/18 year old Cubs RBI Major League Baseball youth outreach program. Cubs RBI exists to increase participation and interest in baseball with greater inclusion of youth with diverse backgrounds. RBI also encourages academic achievement and teaches the value of teamwork.

On July 19, Kevin’s RBI age 17/18 team got to practice at Wrigley Field. One of his players had the exciting experience of hitting a homerun in Wrigley, something that we can only imagine was a once in a lifetime memory, as well as inspiring everyone at the practice.

As a coach, Kevin gets to encourage each player to appreciate the discipline of training and preparation, the collaboration of players working with each other so that everyone can achieve more, and the importance of persevering through difficulties. These are some of the great skills needed in almost every part of life, and sports provides the means to learn these lessons while surrounded by coaches and teammates who are helping each other grow and develop to the best of their ability.

We are grateful to have Kevin as a part of our financial planning and investment advisory team. The skills that he brings to the game of baseball are also the skills we value as we work with each of you. We know that you have important financial goals that you plan to achieve. We know as well that the current investment environment has created headwinds that make being an investor more challenging. Like Kevin, we hope to offer you the coaching you may need so that you can navigate through these challenges with confidence that your important goals of life are being achieved. We invite you to meet with us so that we can offer the assistance you need, either by updating your financial plan, reviewing your investment goals, or tracking your investment progress. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you and those you care about most. 

If you would like to learn more about the Cubs RBI charity, please visit We close with the acronym TEAM – together everyone achieves more! This is our wish for Kevin and his team, and our intention as we work with each of you. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and, if you can, make a little time to attend a baseball game! It may be just what you need to refocus the discipline, collaboration, and perseverance needed in the game of life.